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Would You Try Something New or Look For The Same Old

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Today I was hearing a story about a guy that recently got laid off from his job and as a result he just sits at home trying to find work within the same field while watching movies all day to kill the time. This apparently happens consistently too. I was just thinking, usually with a self employed mentality you would try to change something such as offering a different service, changing up your operations a bit, etc.

So when it comes to even things like an employment would it make sense to try something a little different too? Basically, something as a way to hopefully prevent the same old from happening. This could be say trying to find a bigger position in a smaller place, changing your role, etc. I think this way you can at least expand your experiences and see which one yields the best results.

I just think in a self employment scenario the impact is a lot more immediate when you can’t do things such as bringing in a stable income and so you are encouraged to make changes fast. Don’t see why a regular employment scenario should be any difference when it comes to your financial future.

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