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Would You Ride The Public Transit Simply Because It’s Free

Apparently tomorrow anyone can ride the public transportation system called Translink here for free as a result of a recent malfunction of the system that caused riders to be stuck for hours. As you can imagine, it was a PR nightmare and so this was supposed to be a way to make up for it. Would you be inclined to use it simply because it is free for the day?

It makes me think of like how people will go to stores simply because they are currently giving away free items. This is despite the fact that many people getting them have no use of it. That’s kind of what I heard from some people where even though they don’t normally use the public transit system they will use it anyways to take advantage of the offer. Otherwise they feel like they are missing out.

For myself if I usually walked to a place to save money and to get some exercise I wouldn’t go out of my way to take the bus just because it’s free personally. At most, it makes me think if I can visit somewhere new without having to worry about travel expenses.

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