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Work Clothes For A Costume

A person was telling me that for Halloween he was going to dress up as a doctor from a mental hospital of sort. He then mentioned how the prices you had to pay at costume stores were pretty high to the point that he was able to actually get the clothing that workers used for less money. Kind of interesting when you think about it. Almost like saying buying a real fruit is cheaper than an imitation product.

Although, in some ways it makes sense as you are usually paying a markup for the packaging and the fact that it is a seasonal product when it comes to costumes for the most part. I guess the cheaper way to go if you are looking to dress up as something profession related is to see if you know anyone who actually works in the field and could spare you one.

Funny thing for work clothes is that I actually still kept my old uniforms from jobs I have worked in the past. And to think I could actually wear these as a costume nowadays if I really want to.

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