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Wording A Sale

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I got a message today about some companies that were having what was stated as a warehouse sale. As you would expect, it is essentially a company trying to get rid of old or excessive products by selling them at discounted prices. The interesting thing was all of the items are apparently second hand or refurbished items. Of course, this was in the fine print in the marketing material.

This made me think where if instead they clearly worded the sale as say “Open Box and Refurbished Item clearance” it makes you wonder how less excited one would be as opposed to the “Warehouse Sale” headline. Even from what I saw people were so excited about it until they read the fine print that indicated that the products aren’t new.

Technically too there really isn’t anything misleading about the title itself. Just an example of ways on how to hook people to get them into the store I guess as usually people don’t want to walk away with nothing if they went there with a mindset that they will be buying something.

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