Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

Millionaire Meets Billionaire

It starts off by talking about how odd it is that Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki got together to write this book as their backgrounds are very different. Donald Trump came from a wealthy family and made billions at a young age while Robert Kiyosaki came from a middle-class family and became a millionaire late in his life. All this is suppose to show what kind of an important message that these two are trying to get out to the public through this book.

The whole chapter basically explains how the two met and decided to write a book together from each other’s own perspective. In a nutshell, there was a Real Estate Exposition that was taking place by The Learning Annex in Chicago back in November 6, 2005. Donald Trump was a speaker at the event and Robert Kiyosaki had the honors of introducing him. Just before going on stage to be introduced, Trump pulled Kiyosaki aside and mentioned how since he was the number one business author and that Kiyosaki is the number one personal-finance author that they should write a book together. They agreed that it was a good idea.

From Robert Kiyosaki’s point of view, he was initially very nervous in talking to Trump as his view would constantly be describing Trump as this larger than life figure who had these huge bodyguards and in terms of money he was nowhere near Trump’s success. From Trump’s view, he knew that when he first approached Kiyosaki that he would be talking to a powerhouse and would probably be intimidating to talk to as the man has sold over 26 million copies of his books.

While they agreed to write a book together, what exactly the book should be about was unclear. It wasn’t until Kiyosaki went to Trump tower to officially meet Donald Trump about it that it was decided on what kind of book they will write. While waiting to meet Trump, Kiyosaki got to speak with some of Trump’s employees and through those conversations he was able to learn that Trump had a passion of wanting to teach people on how to be successful. So when they did actually meet, this provided a foundation on what to write about and how they both create these educational products out of the passion to help others as they both share a deep concern on the financial problems in the country as a result of things such as how Medicare is the nation’s biggest debt. In the end, they decided that they wanted to help end poverty by writing a book that provides financial education as it seems to be a category that is lacking. Not only that, but they wanted the book to be about how people can “save themselves”.

I guess the story is interesting so far. If I was to be a very cynical person, I would say that so far the book is simply painting a picture on how noble and successful the two authors are. That’s what I think most people would say as, like myself, my initial perception of the book was that they were going to give specific examples/tips on things to do to help you make better financial choices. But as the introduction describes, the book is more about one’s attitude and financial education, so I’m keeping that in mind. A lot of the stuff they say is cliché, but nevertheless true such as how you should be doing things that you have a genuine passion for.

At the end of the chapter was a url link to the official site and how there were two free audio files available for download. One was by Donald Trump called “Think Big” and the other one was with Robert Kiyosaki called “The Art of Winning”. The server must have been getting slammed when I tried downloading them as the download kept getting cut off. I thought both of the audios were pretty good. So, I’ve uploaded it below for you all to hear and for other people who may have been having trouble downloading it as well.

Donald Trump – Think Big

Robert Kiyosaki – The Art of Winning


  • Hai 3/31/2007

    This book is just only a kind of motivational books like Robert’s before.

    Book is good but only when you feel depressed, loose faith in yourself.

    It’s you the most important book, not for reading, but for writing.

    I’d personally rather write my book than read Robert and Trump’s books. When you read two of Robert’s books, that’s enough. All the rest is just his trying to get more money and provide no added value.

    Trump? Absolutely when you get him as the co-author of the book, your sales will boost.
    Good move, Rich Dad. But we, the readers, have nothing more from you.


  • Alan Yu 4/1/2007

    This is actually the first book I have read from either of the authors. I think most of these types of books are usually along the lines of being something motivational oriented. Whenever I read things like these I usually do so to learn about other people’s perspectives as oppose to say trying to find an answer.

    Does that also mean you have a book written Hai?

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