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While Everyone Else Is Going In One Direction

Today is the Super Bowl and as you would expect there were a lot of restaurants and bars that were busy for the event. Today just happens to be Chinese New Year’s Eve as well. That was the event I was spending time on with the family. I suppose because it is Super Bowl day a lot of the Asian restaurants didn’t seem that busy. As a result, everything from the commuting to the meal planning was extremely relaxed where we didn’t have to worry about crowds and lineups.

Kind of reminds me of the times I write about how doing things in the very early morning when everyone is still asleep can make life so much more productive. If you always complained that the gym is too packed I bet today would have been a great time to do so. It probably seems very weird to schedule everyday tasks on special event days. Example, would it not seem odd to schedule your grocery shopping on the day of a fireworks event since everyone will be at the event instead of the stores?

As long as you don’t care for the event itself it’s like a great opportunity to save yourself a lot of time and potential hassle. That should translate to potentially saving money in the end too.

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