Where There Is People There Is Opportunity

Where There Is People There Is Opportunity


While going through the border the other day there was a long wait. As well, the weather was pretty hot where a lot of people ended up just leaving the car while waiting for the line to move. I then saw a person walking through with a vending cart of sorts where he was offering to sell people cold drink and treats. I have actually never seen someone do this at a border crossing. It got me to think like in most cases when you are in an area with a large amount of people there is always something you can do to capitalize on it.

I have often heard though people think offering items like bottled water just isn’t original enough to generate any kind of an income. With examples like this though sometimes it’s the most basic and simple things that people need which you simply need to cater too. Add that to the fact that you are in an area with a huge amount of traffic it sort of demonstrates that all you need is the basics where you have a solution that people want.

In some ways I consider things like this as the basic “lemonade stand” that many kids would create during the summer time. As they sometimes say, “keep it simple stupid”.

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