When People Know You Prefer To Save Money
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When People Know You Prefer To Save Money

The other day I bumped into someone I haven’t seen for almost a year and as a result we did some catching up. It wasn’t very normal per se as we were walking in a socially distant way and all while sharing stories on what has been happening. Towards the end he immediately commented that he probably was going to buy something at a restaurant to eat and he knew that I don’t usually dine out to save money and was confirming if that was the case still. I did say yes of course.

So after a few hours of talking we went off our own way as he went to buy dinner and I went home to prepare for a meal. It made me think as I know many times this can be an awkward situation for those who want to save money but end up spending a lot whenever they go out with friends as an example as you don’t want to seem rude by not joining or making people feel awkward where you do go but don’t order anything. But for this situation it’s almost the reverse where the person didn’t want to be rude in a pressuring way to make people do stuff they don’t like I guess you could say.

I usually only like to dine out in these ways if it was planned. Instead of buying say a soda or burger my on the spur food purchases would usually come from say walking through the supermarket and seeing a killer deal to bring home. Again, for me buying something like fast food would be semi planned. There are probably many that say that is too much, but to me it feels normal in the sense of spending like that is luxury in many cases when you think about it.

But to me it’s interesting to see that others can be considerate into remembering if people generally prefer to save money in the same vein as some people prefer specific types of cuisine as opposed to just telling people to spend money.

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