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Would It Be Weird To Get Investments As Gifts Opposed To Parties

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I was thinking as there are going to be a ton of birthdays and such over the next few weeks and the usual idea is to spend money doing things such as dining out. This can easily be like say a $150 to $300 gift I guess you can say. Even when I was a kid I always preferred to get money because I could save it for the future for when I really need or want something. So that got me thinking as an adult would it be weird to get some kind of investment instead?

For example, let’s say it was like a few years back and instead of me getting you a $50 meal as a gift I got you $50 worth of stocks in accompany or some bitcoin. Would that be weird in your mind or would you actually value that as if you were like the kid that was given money as a gift? It kind of made me think a many people complain about debt where people could help them with their financial future doing things like that as opposed to just a party for the day.

I guess many would say though the day is all about having fun on occasions too. But for those who spend so much money on a gift it would make me wonder how different things can be for people if you gave them investments that can end up being big.

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