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Ways You Train Yourself Not To Quit At A Goal

I was watching the UFC 200 today and there were a few stories of fighters who were thinking of calling it quits in their career before as it didn’t seem like they would be obtaining that highlight goal in life that they have been working for. In a fairy tale type of fashion though various people found themselves all of a sudden reaching that goal just to go on to do things beyond their imagination. That’s such an easy thing to tell people but at the same time it can be such a hard thing to do when you are actually that person.

Like in the sense of a business when exactly would you say it’s time to call it quits because the venture isn’t generating the results you are hoping versus persisting with something even if it seems hard? For me I think the key thing is your health and whether or not what you are doing is tolerable where you are say “hurting yourself.” Example, walking up a steep hill is very tiring and requires endurance. Walking through a hill even though you are dehydrated already with no water is just silly.

That’s how I kind of think of it when it comes to not giving up on things. Example, if I can do it where the risk to me personally in various ways is very minimal then that means I can continue if it makes sense. If it is like constantly making me bleed in some way where it’s just pride or stubbornness then that is a different question. There are just so many times where we all quit something not knowing just how close we were to reaching success.

I feel this is why it’s important to have a variety of hobbies and activities in your life with other people as well. Speaking for myself, I often learn to better understand my limits and capabilities by watching others too. Example, if I just give up thinking I can’t do it only to see someone else do it then it makes me think that I need to work harder or smarter if I really want to achieve the same goal. For me it’s quite effective.

It kind of goes into the topic too on how it is important to try and surround yourself with people who will help you be positive as an example too. Like they say too, if they can do it so can you.

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