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Wasting Less Time In the Extremely Early Mornings

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Over the past few days I had to do some work that involved having to wake up extremely early such as 5am in the morning. While normally it would be chaos trying to get through a hoard of people and vehicles as everyone scrambles to get to their destination, during these hours it is so dead as you would expect. It makes things like commuting so much faster while giving you the opportunity to finish everything before the big storm comes in as they say.

This is very common for certain professions such as stock traders as they usually do all their trading in the early mornings before most people are even awake. It kind of makes me think where if you are trying to save time and money whether or not you adjusting your business schedules during these time may actually be a good way to do so. While this obviously wouldn’t be good if we are talking about like a retail store as you do want to open when there are massive crowds, in a scenario like that it would be more about your daily tasks accordingly.

For example, I know many people would wake up, spend like thirty minutes catching up on say the news at home while eating breakfast and then heading out to fight the busy traffic to get to work. Instead, imagine if the person left earlier where avoiding the rush hour time saves him like twenty plus minutes in commute time. Afterwards, one has a setup at his work to catch up on the news and eating there. As well, you have an extra 20minutes to use in whatever you want such as maybe spending some time on a side venture.

Just one of those things that made me think how adjusting your schedules to not have to deal with time consuming rush hours can save you money in the long run where you get to do your work while everyone else is asleep. Like they say, the early bird get the worm.

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