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Wasting Food Money Without The Right Tools

Today I thought I would buy some kale from the grocery store to use in my juicer. I don’t usually juice this vegetable but thought I would change it up a bit. I happen to use one of those juicers that have a fast spinning motor. Funny thing was, after juicing about three large stems of the kale it yielded only about a shot glass worth of juice. With those results, I might as well have just eaten it.

Thing is too, I see a lot of people juicing these kinds of vegetables with the same type of juicer and it makes me think how much money you are essentially throwing away but not using the proper tools. In this case, you probably want to use slow pressed juicers instead. The tricky thing is the investment as it is hard to bypass the thought that you need to invest say another $500 to get the right tool specifically for these situations.

It’s different in a commercial situation where if you do things in massive volumes the waste is visually big enough to get anyone to want to invest in the best tools for the job. Lesson learned and maybe it’s time to seek out a good sale.

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