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Wanting To Buy Professional Items For One Event

This weekend my nephew is having a recital where he will be playing a piano in-front of the crowd for the first time and I thought it would be great to film. However, it made me think if I needed better equipment since capturing the sound is kind of an important factor here. While I have a very decent microphone called a Rode Videomic Pro, this is meant more for capturing conversations. Therefore, for this event a stereo mic would be better.

I was looking at all the options though and they seemed pretty expensive. For example, I saw the stereo mic version of this which was $300+:


Since that was so expensive, it then made me wonder if I should just buy a dedicated professional audio recorder such as this one called the Zoom H6 worth about $500:


That then made me try to find cheaper options such as this Tascam TM-2X – Stereo XY for about $99:


My mind was still around the notion that this would be for one event. Then again, this is probably a special day that my nephew would probably appreciate in the future. Usually when it comes to situations like this I try and see if I would be realistically using these items enough after the event to justify its purchase. However, I can`t think of any at the moment. Such a tricky situation to decide upon.

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