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Wanting To Do Even More With The Extra Time

Today I was able to get a faster internet speed which allows me to upload video files at five times the regular speed. As a result I finished a lot of my stuff five times faster too. I was thinking how in this case many people would use their newly found free time for entertainment purposes. For myself I was constantly thinking on what things I can do more to make my work even better.

I think that’s important where many times when you have free time of sorts it can be wise to invest it into your passion projects and all. I find it’s a great way to explore what really gets you going to find your passions which ultimately can mean establishing things like a lifestyle or career that you really want too.

In terms of time management for these kinds of extra time I wouldn’t automatically just substitute it for other stuff like watching TV. I feel personally that should mainly come if there was truly nothing left to do with my main work of sorts. It’s almost like a journey where just because you all of a sudden got a huge boost in your travel distance for whatever reason just stopping kind of negates that bonus you just received. So keep going until it is truly done I feel.

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