Walk Away or Accept Bad Service For The Price

Walk Away or Accept Bad Service For The Price

While buying some groceries today I placed some carrots in one of those produce bags that are always hanging around the section. I decided to go to a place that normally offers items at a pretty cheap price. For example, in most places carrots are like 70 cents plus a pound whereas here it was 49 cents a pound.

Upon going to the checkout I placed the bag of carrots on the table in preparation for the cashier to weigh and ring it in as usual. As she reached for a shopping bag to place it in, she aggressively grabbed the bag of carrots to the point where the produce actually fell out of the bag and onto the table. As she stared at had happened, she doesn’t even say anything and simply tosses the produce bag aside and then proceeds to place the carrots in the shopping bag.

I was a little dumbfounded that she would even do that as any person would usually at least apologize or at minimum place it back in the produce bag. A part of me told me that I should have just left as a way to tell the business that it is not really appropriate to demonstrate that kind of customer service. At the same time, when I shop at places like this I am not exactly expecting world class service due to the prices. It made me wonder, would you have just left or would you have simply swayed it off?

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