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Waiting For Sales For Gifts

Is it too weird to not give people gifts on the actual day of the special occasion even if it meant you could save say $300 by purchasing it for them a few days later? That conversation came up as a person told me he bought a birthday couple a computer. He knew for a fact that the price of it would drop like rock due to newer models coming out. So to him, he simply told them the present will come late as he is trying to get them something really good. In the end, they were very happy with it and he saved a lot.

To o him he didn’t understand the big deal in cases like these as it seemed silly not to do it that way. I guess it is kind of true in many ways when you think about. The exception of course is if the gift item was integral to an event of some sort. Example, you aren’t going to delay buying the birthday cake the next day because there is a sale going on for it.

In many ways it reminds me of people buying Chritmas gifts after the holiday and saving a lot that way.

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