Waiting For Products To Become Obsolete
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Waiting For Products To Become Obsolete

If you are semi into movies then I guess like most consumers you are aware on how there were these two high definition disc formats of HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Not too long ago, it seems as if HD-DVD is now being phased out. As a result, it seems like everyday I see rock bottom sale prices to clear any inventory of HD-DVD movies and players.

I know one person who is just stocking up as a result and the funny thing was that he mentioned he does this normally where for products like these he waits until it looks like it is the end of the lifecycle for a product before purchasing to save money. His other point was that many times everything is new to him anyways at that point and so to him it is sill kind of new in a sense.

That’s kind of an interesting way to save money. I would think that you would be too way out of touch with present happenings if you did that to the extreme though. Then again, I guess entertainment products like these aren’t exactly a necessity product in life.

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