Wait For A Refund or Do A Chargeback
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Wait For A Refund or Do A Chargeback

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It’s been almost two week since I requested a refund for the activity that ended up not operating as intended. I did request for a refund and all which seemed to go okay as the organization mentioned they will be fully willing to do so. Now usually when you have a dispute you simply don’t pay the billed item on the credit card but instead you initiate a chargeback. Simply paying the bill indicates that everything was delivered as promise.

This situation is a little weird though as I haven’t gotten the credit refund yet and the bill due date for my credit card statement is in about two weeks as well. It made me wonder where if I still haven’t received credit yet in like a week and a half should I just pay the bill and give them the benefit of the doubt that the credit will eventually come through?

At this point, I am inclined to just do a chargeback if I still haven’t received the refund after a week and a half. I can just imagine I may potentially get the run around and end up being stuck with the bill while losing all of my purchase protection in a sense. Can’t always be the nice guy when it comes to making sure you get your money back I guess you can say.

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