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Virtual Private Networks

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This was an interesting sales pitch I thought as someone was trying to essentially sell a piece of hardware that has apps to play things like Netflix. However, it was expressed by the person that the service here in Canada wasn’t very good due to a lot of the content being filtered out to non US residents. As a result, the guy then proposed that it would work fine as he would throw in a year’s worth of VPN services which would essentially redirect your traffic to look like you are a US customer.

Generally speaking, I don’t think for the record that companies condone this with all the legalities that are probably involved with the licensing. So it was kind of interesting that it was even being proposed. I know for myself if the content in these cases aren’t very good then I simply don’t subscribe to it. In some ways it feels a little silly having to use another service to get the most of another.

Would you use a virtual private network in like these cases? I would assume that this is probably against the terms of services for most content providers as well. Guess when it comes to saving money though many people base their decisions solely on that.

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