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Value of Smaller And More Compact Lifestyle Items

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I was watching an interview recently about people who build and live in these houses that are literally 100sqft to 300sqft. The houses appeared to range from about $10,000 to $100,000. The one statement that I did like was how these people opted to not be slaves of their homes by not purchasing a large home that they cannot afford. As a result, many of them say that they can get by with as little as about $15,000 a year if they need to from what I heard.

I suppose in many ways it makes sense. For these types of lifestyle items, I am usually a bit more picky about the value that you get for your dollar in comparison. I think those Smart Cars are a perfect example of it. Basically, the vehicle is more compact, should be cheaper to operate and so it makes more sense to buy that as oppose to a more traditional vehicle if it worked for your lifestyle. But when thinking about it, these vehicles are usually almost the same price as a traditional sized vehicle. In that sense, it’s more like you are paying for the novelty of the item.

Similar with these tiny houses, there is this one in Toronto that you can see at which costs well into the six figure ranges and to me it just seems too much from a general value standpoint. Wouldn’t that be interesting though if we start seeing a revelation of say city neighborhoods that consisted of nothing but compact vehicles and tiny houses like these considering people are looking for ways to save money during these times.

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