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Using Speech Recognition Software To Write Out Documents

So today I thought I would try something interesting as you all know I recently upgraded to Windows 10. I have always been interested in using speech recognition as a way to write these posts as an example as I thought it would be more productive. I can’t always have a keyboard next to me when I am mobile since I am using like smartphone. Trying to write all these posts on a small screen isn’t exactly ideal. Now on previous editions of Windows there have been speech recognition software to my knowledge and Windows 10 seems to try to use it more extensively. So I thought it would be fun to see how well this software does in writing a blog post. From here on even if this speech recognition software doesn’t do very good I will post it as is to show how well the software is going to dictate my voice. So let’s try it out.

Let’s start by trying something very simple. I will start by saying the famous sentence that has every letter of the English alphabet. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. It seems like it did a pretty good job so far. Because I often talk about finance topics on this blog let’s see how it handles some basic money types of sentences. (It actually didn’t recognize the word “blog” at first but I just corrected it now and it seems to work)

So here’s a title of one of my posts “time in correlation with money.” Infection doing pretty good so far has a price on long been a really tested out now and is gonna keep talking and talking and talking and see the singer she recognizes it I’m actually be extremely difficult on this analysts see if the grammar police in coming up a

Okay as you can see this thing just completely bombed right after I talked fast so I guess the disadvantage of using voice recognition software is you have to really be slow and dictate every single word. Otherwise you get like that paragraph above. I’m using a pretty decent microphone as well. I’m using what’s called the Blue yeti microphone and a lot of people actually use it for professional voiceovers so I know it’s not because of the quality of the microphone.

So can I use this for a business application yet? Maybe but it looks like I would have to really train this program. I’ve been reading some sentence for it but I’d guess as you can see it’s not quite enough. I guess that’s enough for this test. What do you think? Are you the kind of person that will start using voice recognition software to write all your documents as well to potentially save time? I’m guessing the more I use it the better it will become.

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