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Using Secondary Phone Contact Information For Free Offers


This week I saw quite of few free offers that I could have registered for where many of them involved giving your e-mail address or installing an app on your phone. In other cases the company requested that you text them a message on your phone using your phone number and they would in-turn give you a coupon. I always had the habit of not doing that as I have just read too many stories where once people do that their numbers get spammed with a non-stop supply of spam messages.

I am actually surprised that people don’t opt to use temporary phone numbers instead for offers like these. There are plenty of services where you can use things to get a free Internet based phone number as an example to send text messages. Of course businesses won’t like this as the whole point of getting the offer is to obtain a database of customers to sell to in the future. However, as a consumer I can imagine that getting your information off a list is probably virtually impossible.

People often do this when it comes to e-mail addresses. Not a bad idea to do that for things like phone numbers too considering there are so many free options available.

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