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Using Screening Techniques For The Wrong Industry And Audience

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I was talking recently to a person who came from a corporate background where they were trying to find the best candidate for a role where the industry is a lot more creative and relaxed I guess you can say. I was listening to the questions the person asked and they were very typical of what you would hear in corporate interviews. Example, why do you want to work with the company or where do you see yourself in a few years sort of routine. I was just thinking how questions like these are probably not as relevant for the people they were speaking to.

For example, there are a ton of people nowadays who simply make a living such as selling art items or people who create digital media. Basically, their goal in many ways is to just find say sponsorship or a partner to work with who would take care of the “corporate” stuff. Therefore, in my opinion it’s probably better to ask questions such as why they do what they do and the type of ideas they have as an example for the future.

I think often times too this is why when you feel you have a good idea you just have to start doing it yourself. Because like in this example there are plenty of times where people simply can’t turn off that corporate way of thinking. That’s why I often like to meet a ton of different people and their professions as well. There are just so many different ways that people communicate where at the same time they all do very well for themselves. Just understanding how to “speak their language” can go a long way I feel,

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