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Using As Many Platforms As Possible

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This was kind of funny as I was recently looking for a portable power supply which brought me to some crowdfunding projects. Now the interesting thing was I saw this particular item at the Kickstarter site at first which was successful. Eventually I then saw it on a different crowdfunding site called Indiegogo. I guess they were trying to reach as many people as possible. If you notice though they never bothered to change the sales literature as even on the Indiegogo site the rewards still say “Kickstarter” on it. Copy and paste job I guess.

Though it did make me think how many times placing your projects and ventures on as many different sites as possible can be a good thing if allowed as you can reach more people that way. Would there be any reason not to assuming it doesn’t really cost you too much more time or money to do so? Like in this case it was pretty clear that they just used the same material and ported it over to that site.

Almost like having your written work or film published in more places which can create more opportunities for your work to be seen.

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