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Using Free Tourist Resources

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I thought this was kind of funny today as I was invited to attend some local attractions for free as one of my friends has a pass of sorts that enables him to bring a guest to see an abundant of local attractions that would normally cost money. The Capilano Suspension Bridge was one of them. Now usually you would need to find your own means of transportation to get there and back which of course costs money. As it turns out though, like for this attraction there was a bus that took you to that destination for free from the downtown core of Vancouver. If you normally took public transit for example that would cost at least $4 one way.

Even my friend was saying that he didn’t know about this before. The funny thing too is that tourists are more likely to know this as it tells you about it in a lot of the tour guides as an example. It sure made me think if there were other resources like that which I completely overlook. It would help if you are on a tight recreation budget as an example.

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