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Using Common Local Names As A Business Factor

Going by a different name is usually something more common in the entertainment industry such as actors using a stage name as opposed to their real name. It’s often for business reasons such as companies believing the person would be more marketable if one had say an easier to pronounce name. Of course some people do it for privacy reasons.

But I was reading an article recently about people who immigrated to this country where they simply changed their name because they felt having a foreign name immediately made people look down on them whenever they tried to do business. Afterwards just something as simple as changing their name gave them a better level of playing field where people would simply judge them for what they produce.

I actually don’t doubt that to be true as often times if someone has a name that is hard to pronounce for local people then the immediate thought is often that the person wasn’t say raised here and therefore they can’t really be just like you per se to establish that trust factor. Funny enough I remember a time where I was training with someone in martial arts and he was just immigrating here. He was insistent at first that people call him by a common English name as opposed to his native name. The reason was straight forward too as he wanted to adapt and integrate into the local culture. Then once he felt comfortable he then asked people to call him by his native name.

So for a business I can kind of see how even stuff like this can play a role of you are a smaller business or entrepreneur. In some ways it is kind of silly that we even have to think of factors like these huh?

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