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Using An Entire Voucher For Full Value

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I saw a funny scenario today where over a hundred people were given vouchers to eat for free at various restaurants. It was valued at about $12 each and so you could literally order anything within that price range and get things for free. What was interesting was how many people simply order one meal that was say $6 and didn’t bother to spend the rest. They literally just threw away half of the money they had.

Another person kind of went to the extreme but it is what people should have done I’d say. While he also got a dish worth about $6 he scanned for what was available that he could get for his remaining credit. He ended up just buying a bunch of canned soda for a dollar each which e took home for future use. You can tell that he values every dollar a lot.

Odds are if you do this too that you will treat the money you actually earned in an effective way too to try and get the vest value possible. While some may say the above is over indulging, I say it is more about using what was given to you without being wasteful.

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