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Using Add On Services More Than The Main

I was looking over some of my cell phone usage statistics recently and one thing I noticed was how it appeared that I used the data services more than the phone service. For example, communicating with people through text or e-mail. It kind of made me wonder if I should have it the other way around such as getting a plan that focuses in having good Internet with the phone line being the add-on feature.

Price wise though, it seems like most data only types of services cost a lot more than simply having it with my cell phone. For myself I pay about $40 a month with unlimited data and phone calls as an example. Seeing tablet plans where you pay like $5 a month for 10MB of data just seems wrong in comparison. Since I was thinking of replacing my 3 year old phone this whole thing definitely makes me wonder if there are any other types of devices and services that would better match my usage habits.

But for now I guess it’s only wise to stick with what offers the best value as it still suits my needs overall.

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