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Using A Taxi Instead of A Map

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This isn’t the first time I heard of this where today a person told me that they took a taxi to travel to a location that takes about ten minutes to walk from their place of origin. The reason wasn’t that she didn’t want to walk, but rather since it was her first time going to a new area she didn’t want to get lost. Therefore, she decide to pay for a taxi which came out to about $8. I did ask why she didn’t use a digital map such as Google maps and she mentioned that the directions those things give you could have you going through sketchy neighborhoods.

For the taxi fee itself though it’s a little surprising to see that she felt it was reasonable for the most part. To me of course that seems expensive. It makes me wonder in these cases if people tend to judge service fees based on the amount itself where as a number it seems small. This is as opposed to comparing it to the other options that are available to you such as researching with a map ahead of time and then walking, taking a bicycle you may own, etc.

I always find using taxis is more for a last resort considering how expensive they are in general. I would say too that if you rely on using things like a taxi as your gps system it will probably be wise to invest some time and simply learn to use things like a digital map. Like here, the savings can be pretty significant once you learn how to use all the great tools like these.

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