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Unnecessary Fancy Equipment

Today I had this jar of food that was sealed tight and I’m sure everyone knows the challenge in trying to open these things at times. My usual way of thinking is like most where to open it you would use brute force. However, that didn’t work for this is it was on very tight. So I went online to search for solutions and it’s amazing how many items there are that were made for these kinds of tasks. Some were pretty expensive too.

The end solution that worked the best and made the most sense? Simply using a spoon and essentially popping underneath the cap to let the air out which makes the thing so easy to open. Kind of makes you feel silly if you say spent $30 for an item to do that afterwards huh? Many companies would like you to believe that their fancy solutions are the way to go, but many times like this you simply need to look for the most mundane and cheap solutions that simply make the most sense financially and logically.

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