Unnecessarily Paying More For Unlimited Service
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Unnecessarily Paying More For Unlimited Service

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This was funny as today I had to use the rapid transit system with a friend to get to various places. Since the fares expire after an hour and a half or so, this means we would need to purchase multiple fares. Because of this my friend decided to purchase an all-day pass that was about $10. A single fare though costs $2.75 which was what I ended up doing. Ultimately, I only had to purchase two fares. He then couldn’t believe he wasted money on the all-day pass.

We do that many times don’t we when it comes to buying service based solutions? A good example is with a cell phone where there are many people who actually subscribe to monthly unlimited plans for a hefty price when they could easily enroll in a pay to talk plan that is cheaper for their needs. Even if it is a better value, if you don’t use it then it is waste.

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