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Ugly Fruits And Vegetable Becoming More Common In Supermarkets

It’s interesting reading in the news recently that a large supermarket is going to introduce a specific section for ugly fruits and vegetables. These are essentially products that have imperfections such as dents or some kind of unusual shape to it. From what I read, it is going to be offered by about 30% less than the “perfect” products.

The funny thing I thought is that this is how a lot of the smaller stores sell produces for so cheap. There usually isn’t anything wrong with the product either other than cosmetic appearances. I am inclined to say it will still be cheaper to buy it from smaller stores than the larger supermarkets as well. If you haven’t already and you are a family on an extreme budget, this is one o those things you should be looking into to save money.

No need to wait until it is trendy as an example for you to start saving a lot of money on your monthly food bill.

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