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Turning Off Your Phone Data Roaming On Trips

While I don’t have any intentions of using data roaming features on my cell phone while away, my brother was telling me how I better remember to turn that off completely. He was mentioning how he had to learn the hard way when he was on a trip not too long ago and was checking items like e-mail as usual. It wasn’t until he got home and checked the bills that he got a big surprise as the roaming charges were pretty outrages. Therefore, he stressed the point on how I better make sure it is off.

That was my plan where if I can’t find free wireless Internet then I simply wouldn’t use it. Even here locally virtually every restaurant, coffee house and even hotels that you stay in offer it for free. It was funny too as he was mentioning a big reason why his data bill was so high was because all the apps he had often went on the Internet to check for updates which of course meant data fees as it did that. A thing to keep in mind in general I think.

I can imagine that being very bad if you are one to always snap photos just to instantly share it online with others. That wouldn’t look nice in the monthly bill

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