Trying Too Many Money Making Businesses At Once

Trying Too Many Money Making Businesses At Once

I was doing some research on an individual recently where not too long ago I know for a fact she was provided with a lot of help and support to try and get back on her feet financially as it seemed like she kept getting herself into businesses that ultimately don’t work out. Not surprisingly too, virtually all of these businesses have a buy in fee of some sort.

What surprised me in this situation was how many of them she was trying to do at once. Her justification for it was kind of interesting as she was expressing how a lot of people say that to succeed you need to fail. So if anything trying all these businesses is simply a way to fast forward your chances of success. I personally think this is too lottery mentality. If you are going to try running a lot of different businesses then I would think you would have to have them on auto drive. I don’t think anyone is crazy enough to try and work at two jobs for example where both businesses require you to physically be there from nine to five.

I agree with the notion that you have to get over your fear failing so that you are actually doing something, but at the same time that means giving it our all too to try and make something successful. Treat it like your baby I guess is the best way to put.

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