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Trying To Learn From A Government’s Budgeting Strategy

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So recently a person asked me to do some public research in regards to the BC teacher’s strike as there was this site called that was created as a way for the government to communicate to the public on what is going on with the labor dispute. What stood out to me was that apparently there was a $335,000 budget that was allocated for their online marketing efforts which really made me wonder.

I then tried to wrap my head around how they could spend that much money even if they tried considering it appeared that the site was actually using a lot of third party services such as a Godaddy shared hosting plan which isn’t exactly known to be like an enterprise solution for large corporations. It made me think of personal finance too and how funny enough you can probably learn to manage your finances better by figuring out how others can save money in their situations. We often do that for other aspects of our life to help us learn and so it makes you wonder why we don’t do that for finances too.

It almost makes me curious in wanting to see all the book records and financial transactions for this. Maybe I will if the person who I sent my findings to gets any additional information. Example, wouldn’t you react if a person mentioned they had money problems yet they were spending like $200 a month getting haircuts? Sometimes we need to see crazy spending habits like this from others in order to make sure we don’t do it ourselves.

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