Trying To Judge or Manage Professions You Have No Experience With

Trying To Judge or Manage Professions You Have No Experience With

The other day a person was telling me how he felt the stuff that I do has very little pressure in life because I essentially make my schedules to dictate what I do where a person with a 9 to 5 job is more stressful as well as having more pressure. That was ludicrous I thought as that is almost like saying a person that owns a large corporation has it easy all the time.

For him the reasoning seemed to always come back that I could create my schedule and reject say jobs whereas a person working as a standard employee can’t. To me that is fundamentally flawed as even being self-employed you can at times take on jobs that you aren’t necessarily enthusiastic about but it is what pays the bills. Then while talking to another person about this the conclusion was that person simply has no understanding due to a generation gap on how people work in fields that he has no experience in.

For example, imagine a person working in a farm all his life and so when he thinks of an office environment type of job he can’t imagine how that can be challenging or stressful compared to working outside in a field with labor. I was thinking how that’s why if you never had any experience in a certain field you shouldn’t be quick to assume you know what it is like. Imagine making executive decisions for departments you have no clue about that ends up just harming everyone as an example. Like there it’s best to learn or consult with people who are actually experts in the topic.

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