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Trying Different Sales Departments To Get The Best Deals

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Usually when it comes to things like your home Internet service or cell phone providers many companies have a sales team and retention department where they have special deals to get you as a customer. The thing is people often have different experiences where even though they know a deal exists the employee would never offer them the deal. That’s usually when you should try different departments in order to get that deal.

For example, I know with one of the cable companies here people can get deals by using its online chat, the telephone, through a store or even from an outbound sales rep. It seems like in many cases people would first opt to use the online chat where some people get lucky while the most simply get denied as the service rep tells them that no such thing exists. But to my knowledge it’s usually the outbound sales reps that can get you the best deals.

I suppose in many ways they are given more leverage to offer the best deals since it’s their job to technically go and find the customers as opposed to people going to them. So with that they need the best offers to lure people away from the competitors as an example. No to mention they are incentivized to sign people up usually which makes them want to offer you the best. So while you could say phone over and over again until you get someone that will give you the best deals just going to different sources can often achieve the best results.

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