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Traveling Expense To Just Get A Refund

Not too long ago here in BC there was a system delay with the public transit system called Translink and as a result it was announced that the whole system would be free for everyone to use. You could literally just hop on the bus or the rapid transit system and not pay a dime all day.

However, this announcement didn’t come until later in the morning where many people have already paid tickets. As well, some people have purchased monthly passes. So to compensate for this Translink was offering people to bring proof of purchase for their fare where they will be reimbursed for it. However, to do so you would have to fill out a form and either mail or visit a designated office.


This then got some people complaining how doing so makes them go out of their way where they have to pay money just to get the reimbursement which doesn’t make sense to them. I don’t blame them and this can be true for other purchases at times. Example, buying a $3 product where it ends up being defective where it makes no sense spending like $3 in travel to go back to get a new one.

The compensation almost makes no sense for people who purchase a monthly pass as to my understanding they will be given two tickets to use the transit. Essentially, they would never use it if they always buy a monthly pass. Therefore, they have to take time to try and resell it to get any monetary compensation. Almost reminds me of mail in rebates where most people probably wouldn’t do it because of the hassle.

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