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Trading Your Privacy For Wealth

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I was reading some interesting comments the other day about making a lot of money where some people mentioned that they never want to be exceedingly wealthy as they will lose their privacy. Example, a billionaire of a large company or a famous entertainer that gets millions per job.

That pretty much comes with the territory I’d say and is something a lot of people neglect to think about. You often hear how many rich people say they would trade their money back to just live a “normal life” where it usually comes down to privacy as everyone is on you like a hawk afterwards.

The funny thing I was thinking about too is that if you are trying to think of an idea to make a lot of money, technically the reverse should hold true where more than likely openly putting yourself in the spotlight in some way can help you acquire that if that is truly what you are looking for. If you think about it, there are things where some people simply share information about their daily lives and make thousands every month doing it.

Kind of fits the trading privacy for wealth mold. Course, it should come own to passion though as you have to be doing something that you enjoy.

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