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Trading Your Personal Information For Free Stuff

I was reading this debate today about how there are so many companies offering free storage for their personal files and documents with apparently no strings attached. Literally, all you do is register for an account and start uploading. This of course created some skepticism where companies can get a lot of personal information about people where that in itself can be worth a lot of money.

As crazy as it sounds that is true in a lot of cases. I guess you can think about it like how certain stores want you to leave your contact information for a chance to win a prize or that by accepting a prize you agree to opt in to a free mailing list where it works like an advertisement platform for them. I am actually surprised that for things like online storage people actually put details such as bank records. If anything I would probably just use it for random and unimportant items.

Usually though, if it’s free in like these cases they are still getting something. Sometimes your privacy is more important than saving a few dollars.

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