Tracking The Amount of Money You Pay To Meet People
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Tracking The Amount of Money You Pay To Meet People

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Today I met up with a person at a mall for the first time where I first suggested to just meet at an area with seating. However, he mentioned that it is rather noisy there and that maybe this restaurant would be better. So I agreed. Of course when you go to a restaurant it’s expected that you buy something where seating is for paid customers only. I did order something and so did he. The meeting itself went well. It’s the bill that was interesting to me.

I ended up paying under ten dollars for my dish and his dish was over twenty. They weren’t that large either. It seemed like he had to look at the bill a few times too. It was no big deal for either of us to my knowledge, but it sure got me thinking about the expenses you can incur just to do simple things like meeting people. If you are like self-employed then this isn’t too big of an issue as you can write it off assuming it’s like a business meeting expense. However, this is just like two regular people hanging out.

It makes me think, do you ever make a budget as a non-business person for the sake of meeting new people? At the same time, do you ever take into consideration about the money the other would have to pay too to meet at places like a restaurant? For myself I actually like walking a lot and usually prefer to have conversations with people that way if the meeting is just for fun as opposed to like sitting in a restaurant. Example, hiking an easy track or something like that where you get a lot of time to talk and the next thing you know you reached the peak of a cool area. So in that sense most of the time when I meet people my preference doesn’t really require you to spend money in the first place.

I guess culturally speaking though for many people here spending money to meet people is probably more of the norm. But at the same time again I don’t think I have ever met anyone that actually budgets for it as it kind of goes in that pile of “where did all my money go this month?”

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