Too Many Generic Top Level Domain Name Extensions

Too Many Generic Top Level Domain Name Extensions

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I was reading all these stories about how soon enough we will all be introduced to quite a few new top level domain name extensions. For those who are unaware of what this is, essentially it is like the “com” or “.edu” that you would type in at the end of the web address. As many of you are aware there are quite a few variety of them as well.

What was interesting to me was reading how there were proposals to allow domain name extensions for company name brands too. For example, instead of something like it would be As well there seems like a bunch of generic proposals such as extensions ending with “.food”

When things like this do launch this usually results in a flurry of activity where people want to try and secure the best names possible. As well, cyber squatters usually attempt to snag up domains of popular icons or businesses in hopes to profit from it. One thing is for sure, this can sure be frustrating for the little guys. Imagine them bringing out fifty new domain extensions and you having to try and secure the names for all of them. At the same time, apparently some of these names can potentially cost people over one hundred dollars a year to register. It’s almost like turning it into a exclusive club of sort.

Would you simply just allow someone else to register the domain name in these cases as there are simply too much? Generally speaking though, I would say the .com one is still the best one to have. However, the other domain extensions can be good for branding specific projects and items too I suppose.

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