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The Time You Have Been A Customer With A Company

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I logged into the dashboard today to check the shipping progress for some orders and I noticed that there was now a panel that says how long I have been a customer with the company. So as you can see here it has been more than a decade as I was pretty much shopping with them very early on when people were terrified to shop online still. It made me think if the business actually uses this type of data to reward customers.

I know for service based companies how long you have been with them can often give you negotiation power to get better rates as an example. For general retail item stores I don’t usually see companies try and do the same thing as the business strategy is to usually just make the sale with as many people as possible. Is that a mistake not to reward your frequent shoppers in a special way?

Funny enough I think even inexpensive forms of gratitude can go a long way to generate more business such as giving people a percentage off coupon. The word of mouth advertising that people give for that can go a long way. At the same time, I find that often when companies give their loyal customers deals there are many times where people have no need for it and so they give it to others to use. That could generate new business as well.

It’s an important piece of data/information I feel in the sense that you should always try and find ways to reward this group of people. A little gratitude can go a long way to generate more sales and exposure.

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