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Those Filler Orders

So of course I am trying to do some Christmas shopping and it seems like you can find a ton of good deals online. Shipping is usually a factor whenever I decide to purchase something because if you have to pay say $10 in shipping and handling for a product it can be better to just go to the store. For the most part the bigger online stores offer free shipping as long as you purchase a certain amount.

The shopping gets kind of difficult though when you see a deal suddenly pop up and that the item itself is not enough to get you over the free shipping amount. Just now I saw an item that was for about $20 at Amazon yet to get the free shipping you need to spend at least $25. So that left me in a situation on whether I either hold off on the purchase until I see something else that I legitimately need or if I just buy some random stuff to prevent the risk of the deal going away.

What I opted to do this time around was that I tried to find an item that appeared to be at a cheap price as well where I could easily resell it to someone I know who would have bought it If they saw it. This way, I didn’t really have to spend anything extra and the other person will be happy as well. I know usually the habit would be to just buy random stuff or to give yourself an excuse to buy something you have been thinking of, but this way you can prevent yourself from over spending when it comes to unplanned purchases.

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