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Thinking Way Back For Credit Card Fraud Incidents

Today I went out to a restaurant with my dad and afterwards we decided to go to the grocery store to buy some items. During the trip, he got a sudden phone call that apparently dealt with an unauthorized credit card transaction. As a result, he was told that they would be cancelling his credit card and a new one would be issued. He was then struggling to think over the past few days of places that he used the card in an effort to track the culprit.

I was even mentioning that if your card has been compromised most likely the offender usually sits on the information for a while. Therefore, you have to think a little further back. Like with my example before, I was pretty much able to narrow down the source which was awhile back and it was easier for me as I usually shopped in the same places. Therefore, it wasn’t a coincident that when I shopped at this new place all of a sudden I get a notice of credit card fraud.

While this doesn’t necessarily help to put the exact offender on the spotlight, at least this way you don’t have to be super paranoid that every retailer and merchant is dangerous to use a credit card around. Based on my experience too you aren’t left with the bill. If anything, it’s just more reasons to stay in-tune with your finance and spending habits so that you can precisely narrow down details like these.

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