Thinking of The Things People Do or Don’t Do To Learn Better

Thinking of The Things People Do or Don’t Do To Learn Better

I was reading this article on the habits of what successful people do per se where they instead had a twist and focused on what they don’t do. For example, in most articles you would expect to read something like a person is passionate about what they do whereas in this case they would say a person doesn’t do what they hate. It’s basically the same message packaged in a different way. It made me wonder, which way do you personally learn better with?

I think for myself I learn better by knowing what people does as opposed to doesn’t do. I often like to try and learn with a clear mind on how another person approaches something and why they are enthusiastic about it. With that I can better cross compare on whether or not it suits my specific situation. You can do it the other way too but I feel that way is more confrontational in a sense. Especially if it’s a method that you actually prefer at the moment. I think even from childhood we all don’t like being told that we can’t do something right?

Just observing what the other person does specifically gives you a more open mind to want to adapt or rethink how you do things I feel if it is currently working very well for another.

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