Thinking of Spending Money For A Charity Event
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Thinking of Spending Money For A Charity Event

So recently I learned about a local hospital charity event that will be taking place soon. I met with some volunteers of the event and they seemed like they were in need of help where I felt I could potentially be a good fit for. However, one thing that was crossing my mind is that resource wise I don’t have the optimal gear to produce what I feel would be the best results for the event. So that would mean having to invest in some better gear. If I was to simply use what I have I could basically just get by.

It kind of got me thinking in this case where if you should simply dig in your pockets to get the necessary resource to make things optimal or if simply going with what you currently have is good enough. In some ways I would think that since it is a charity event most people should be able to overlook things such as If the presentation aspect looks homemade as an example as it should simply be about the effort and that people would donate because they want to.

However, it makes me think of like any aspect of business where in a lot of cases you simply have to use professional-like presentations or big names to get support. At this point, I am inclined to see how I can budget this creatively where I won’t feel as if getting better resources is like a want as opposed to a need.

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