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Thinking of How To Compensate People When Your Business Fails To Deliver On Expectations

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Today it was the anniversary event for the very popular mobile game Pokémon Go and the company had big plans such as hosting a live event where thousands of players would gather together. While the people did go the event was plagued by misfortunes. For example, there was so much people that the bandwidth in the area just couldn’t take it to the point where people didn’t have Internet access which the game needs. As a result the company offered to do thing such as giving players that attended the event $100 worth of credit for the game. However, many people felt that wasn’t good enough as there were people that traveled there too.

Kind of made me wonder, do you as a business have some kind plan already in place for such an occasion where you know exactly how to compensate people where they will be satisfied? I am inclined to say most of us never even think of this and would rather just deal with it when it comes. I know when I worked at a retail store this often resulted in managers giving people some crazy deal and offers because they simply didn’t know how to deal with it.

It requires you to really understand your customer base too which in that sense maybe it’s good to have some kind of plan for just such an occasion. That would spare you from being taken advantage of from someone who is unreasonable too.

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