Theoretical Stay At Home Parent Salary
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Theoretical Stay At Home Parent Salary

A lady was telling me recently on how she saw some kind of survey on TV where the jobs of stay at home moms were theoretically assessed by various employers. By factoring all the roles such as cleaning, babysitting and cooking it was estimated that you would have to pay a person about $140,000 a year as a result.

Now from my understanding the purpose of the survey was to further value the efforts of people who are stay at home parents from a financial point of view to avoid ridicule when compared to say the other person in the household who is working at a traditional job.

While I personally value people’s efforts in those types of situations regardless of hearing that survey, I personally don’t see how that is an accurate way of breaking something down from a dollar value. Example, it would be like me maybe taking photos for a family album all year long while organizing it digitally and then saying if you were to hire a professional photographer to take the pictures and a computer expert to organize the photos it would be worth six figures. It’s not really the same I’d say.

In general too, I think this is one of those things where you shouldn’t even try to put a dollar value on since on many levels you are doing it for personal reasons.

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