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The World of Supplements Sure Is Expensive

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After taking my usual martial arts class today I had a conversation with the instructor about supplemental exercise routines that may be good for the training. That then led to a conversation about food and nutrition which brought up the topic of supplements such as protein powder. For myself I never really got into that craze as I have just been consistently eating healthy and living an active life. But it got me curious to look at the products available.

I must say, the prices for health related supplements are in many ways more expensive it seems than buying your weekly groceries if you were heavily into it. Example, five pounds of protein for $100? While obviously I am no expert on the matter, would that truly be better than buying $100 worth of actual food I was thinking? I could get quite a bit of fish and eggs as an example I would imagine.

In many ways I suppose you are paying for the convenience of what is supposed to be theoretically a more efficient way of doing things. Kind of like people taking a multi-vitamin every day I suppose. As usual though, anything that requires spending a lot of money I think it is only wise to research and understand exactly what you are buying. Otherwise like in this case I would be buying something solely on the buzz words labelled on the packages. Not good for my wallet.

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